Funny birthday present–
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Funny birthday present

"I found out about Cartoonwall through Google and was immediately fascinated by the great examples and the talent of the artists. I have already received numerous advertisements from app providers that promise to turn a photo into a caricature, but they have always been empty Promise and it never worked. I actually expected that, because such a caricature can only be made by an experienced graphic artist or caricaturist. So I really wanted to give my son a picture like this for his birthday, he is a total comic fanatic and that's why There was no better present this year that I could have come up with. Of course I was a bit skeptical whether the picture would look good in the end and would be well received by my son. However, my expectations were completely met and I can at least warmly from my experience Recommend. What I can give as a tip is the nice advisor Jana from the live chat, she gave me very helpful. "

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